Les Macarons de Philomene

Les Macaron de Philomene  in Quimper, Fr.

Les Macaron de Philomene in Quimper, Fr.

What do you do on a cold wet January in France? Well, we think we have found the answer. You visit the nearest La Maison du Macaron, and treat yourself to the best desert imaginable. We are never disappointed. Oh no! Macarons come in all shapes, sizes and flavours. They are  “melt on the tongue delicious” and they are every bit as good as they look. I will try and describe the taste of a typically French Macaron.  Here goes. 🙂 Once you bite into a macaron, you will taste the crisp edges of the “feet,” which stick out around the circumference of the cookie. The crust should kind of shatter into little pieces without being too crisp. It should not, however, be like biting into a brownie nor should the crust sink in like a memory foam pillow. Past the smooth egg-shell top layer is a moist, soft cookie with a smooth, sweet soft filling. The two contrasting textures combined together are beyond amazing. With Valentine’s day just round the corner, why not try making Macarons for your chéri…http://www.yumsugar.com/Baking-Tips-French-Macarons-21680063#photo-21681071



perhaps a tart instead? Or instead  a tartlette à divine de framboise à divine tarte framboise

à divine tarte framboise

ou un sachet de chocolat

ou un sachet de chocolat

the filling and the crust

the filling and the crust


un petit cadeau
Roses from the Quimper Market

Roses from the Quimper Market


8 thoughts on “Les Macarons de Philomene

  1. Reblogged this on 20 Lines A Day and commented:

    Les Macarons de Philomene a perfect way to spend a wet cold winter afternoon. We did just that today. Here are a few photographs of the delicious Macarons. Might add, they are beyond wicked. 🙂


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      • Hershey’s Chocolate Museum in Hershey PA actually has a Chocolate Tasting Adventure where you actually get samples of warm liquid chocolate from beans grown in different locations around the world…6 shots later you are seriously sugar buzzed. its amazing! 🙂


  3. yes, I know about Hershey’s Museum although i have not visited.. I like photos of artistic food, but don’t like to eat it.. Sometimes in photography, folks get caught up with landscapes or seascapes or birds, and I don’t want to do that here. I am looking for subjects less photographed. That’s my aim.. best Eve.


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