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A change of style! 🙂 For the summer I hope to post my macro photos using abstract backgrounds. Here I have used a textured abstract from a “free textures” website. The photo of the butterfly is from my recent trip to Honfleur. Luckily, Honfleur had a gorgeous butterfly house, and I made full use of my camera while on that visit.

This photo is made up of two layers.  I have simply laid the texture on top of the original photo, then  pulled back on the opacity/transparency bar to the left hand side of elements nine. Elements nine and Topaz are my favourite edit tools. Might add, I also used the eraser to eliminate the texture on the butterfly, this allows for the true colours to shine through.

I have just bought a new Camea, a Lumix XL7 – hopefully, I shall be shooting better macros in future.




The butterfly

The butterfly





In America among the Aztec and Maya, the god of cosmic fire, Xiutecutli, is symbolized by a butterfly. Fire is considered the element of transformation as in cookery and the smelting of metals. This association is borne out in traditional psychoanalysis where a dream or drawing of a butterfly is taken as a symbol of the client’s imminent transformation.

The ancient Greeks depicted the spirit of a person as a winged stick figure. Interpretation of that symbol gave rise to the idea of The Soul (or psy.chech) as a butterfly.

Later, long-suffering Psyche, bride of Cupid (Eros,) was compared to a butterfly. It was her use of firelight to get a glimpse of the true nature of her mysterious sleeping husband that led to her downfall, and a series of dire trials that eventually led to her transfiguration.

English translation of Lucius Apuleius’


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