l’enchantement du soir – Camera Catches

Huelgoat - the town with many legends

Huelgoat – the town with many legends


“Sharp is the night, but stars with frost alive leap off the rim of earth across the dome. it is a night to make the heavens our home. more than the nest whereto apace we strive. lengths down our road each fir-tree seems a hive, in swarms outrushing from the golden comb. they waken waves of thoughts that burst to foam: you throb in me, the dead revive. yon mantle clothes us: there, past mortal breath, life glistens on the river of death. it folds us, flesh and dust; and have we knelt, or never knelt, or eyed as kine the springs of radiance, the radiance enrings: and this is the soul’s haven to have felt.” –from _winter heavens_”
George Meredith

Sunset on Friday Night

Sunset on Friday Night

The stray cat

The stray cat

The stone bridge through the town

The stone bridge through the town

fallen camellias

fallen camellias

 photos below are “the seasons as cycles” – Lakeside Shops Huelgoat, and sunset. Photo of the darling squirrel 






One thought on “l’enchantement du soir – Camera Catches

  1. Reblogged this on 20 Lines A Day and commented:

    Enchantment is my Camera and a beautiful evening!
    “Every human is an artist, and our greatest art is life. Humans perceive life and try to make sense of life by expressing what we perceive with words, music, and other expressions of art. ”
    ~Don Miguel ruiz


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